Inactive Character Wipe

In order to clean up old accounts so the server uses less memory (part of an upcoming server migration), I’ll be wiping inactive characters soon.  This mostly affects ancient accounts that were never used much.

Characters which meet ALL these criteria will be wiped (all below conditions must be met):

  • Has not logged in for at least six months
  • Owns less than 20 objects total (either in inventory or placed in world)
  • Is level 1 or 2
  • Has less than 1000 gold
  • Does not own a safe or box (either in inventory or placed in world)

The wiped character’s inventory will be deleted; any placed objects in world will be reassigned to a pooled character.

As most serious players built more than 20 objects, this primarily only affects the accounts which were created and quickly abandoned.  However, if you’re worried, simply do a quick login on the server(s) you wish to keep your character data on.

Update 3/13: The inactive character wipe is now complete. Between that and some other optimizations, server is now using way less ram and can reboot much more quickly than before. Looking good for upcoming server migration.


13 thoughts on “Inactive Character Wipe”

  1. You can wipe my account period then. I will in return tell everyone I know that your game is not worth the time and not to be trusted period. Have not had time to get back into the game do to life stuff. Have fun sure there are others who feel the same but it’s your right to do so .

    1. If you don’t have time to login, I can just give you some cement blocks or something so you hit the 20 block level.

      Alternatively, if you haven’t played in a long time and don’t have much progress, it might be helpful to have your character reset so you can play the tutorial again.

      Your choice…

  2. Hey, I’m trying to come back and i hope you didnt delete my toon! Name Ocke and had a townstone… atm i dont have java and downloading.

  3. im just not sure where everyone is.. every server i tried, it only has 1-2 players on it, including me. where is everyone???????

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