Terrible Transit

I made a new game jam game this weekend:  In Terrible Transit, you make the most inefficient transit network you can!

Riders start at houses and want to go to offices.  Riders will pay you while they ride your trains (until they run out of money (they turn red)).

How big can you make your terrible transportation empire?

Play Now

Itch page (both HTML5 version and PC Download — Download version has better performance)

Additional Gameplay Notes

– Destroying a building costs $50, other prices as marked.
– There is no restart, so just restart the game (sorry).
– Okay to stream / post videos on youtube, etc.
– High scores to be pinned & discussed in DragonAudit.com Discord #offtopic room.
– There must be at least one train track next to train stop for trains to go there or spawn.
– In info mode, you can only click the engine to get the train popup.
– WASD camera, QE rotate, ZX zoom



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