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Crane has zero chill

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George Leaving Cinematic

George embarks on his quest, leaving the safety of town. There's monsters outside! (They turn out to be nice though.)

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Tail Waggle!

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Dragon Audit: Announcement Trailer

The first bit of Dragon Audit gameplay is now available to play on PC! To celebrate, we have an official game announcement trailer.

For more information, see Dragon Audit's website.

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The Bus Don’t Stop (because if it does, it explodes)

Drive to bus stops and pick up / drop off passengers by driving past them. Don't stop, because if you stop, the bus explodes.

How high can you get your trips completed score before you crash or explode?

A gamejam game/trailer I made in 48 hours!

Download it here.

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Internet of Things 3D Simulator 2019!

This is a gamejam game I made this weekend in 48 hours.

In your home, many appliances are now connected to the internet!  It is useful, but is there a hidden danger?  Yes.

One player plays the human, and the rest playing internet connected devices in the house.  Work together to bake a cake for your penguin (which is also an internet appliance).

The game is intended for streamers to play with their audience, or maybe for playing with several people at a house party...?  Made in 48hrs.

Download it here! It's multiplayer, so please try to play with at least one friend 🙂

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Press X to Doubt

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Aria Fan Art by Tumblyweeds


Bitmas 2018

The secret 8Bit discord chat convinced me to do Bitmas this year.  Check out kjh's area linked from Root (or /tele gift).  Anyone who has a non-new account can get a gift from Dracoclaus there:

It's a Bitmas Miracle!

Also, Santa hats are available in the shop again for a limited time.

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This is a gamejam game I made this weekend in 48 hours.  It is a First Person Gambler set on a space riverboat.  Pirates have invaded, fend them off using your gun and gambling skills!


How to Play

Your gun has three modes:

  • Normal (LMB) - Shoot enemies
  • Expectigun (RMB) - Gamble.  Deals three cards to determine damage dealt to enemy, one is chosen at random.  If you're quick, you can shoot cards to remove them and change the odds.
  • Unexpectigun (MMB or 'R' key) - Extreme gamble: these outcomes will sometimes be bad for you!  You'll need to be a quick shooter to avoid them, but even then sometimes you get an unexpectedly good or bad hand.

Level up by defeating enemies, giving you stronger attacks.

Defeat the two Pirate Leaders to win!


Windows Download on

Full Playthrough

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